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Tax Compliance in Germany

We support your business in Germany

Germany is a big and attractive market for all kinds of businesses. Small and medium-sized companies (SME) from abroad should not hesitate to take their chances. On the other hand, German taxation and social security is said to be strict and complicated. That is true, but Bedenbecker & Berg GmbH can help.

New: Clearance certificate for sellers on electronic marketplaces („Erfassungsbescheinigung-USt 1 TI“)

From January 2019 on electronic marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay and many others) are liable for German VAT that is owed by the participating sellers (§ 22f UStG-E). However, VAT-liability of that kind does not apply for (domestic and foreign) sellers, who are certified by the German tax offices.

The E-marketplaces will most probably exclude those sellers who are not certified. Starting the certification process is recommendable. (11.01.2019)

Cross-border payroll services

Planning to hire a German employee for technical or commercial support? We make the payroll process according to German standards and take care for proper payments, even for one single person. However, we will not confuse you with German tech-talk but provide you with a comprehensible reporting, designed to meet the requirements of your company.

German subsidiaries support

You maintain a German subsidiary? Rely on our bookkeeping, payroll and tax declaration service for foreign clients! We make your German company compliant with German laws and still matching with your group-reporting schedules.

VAT advisory

Use our special know-how in German and cross-border VAT-questions! We advise in all B2B and B2C VAT-problems, in analogue or digital businesses.

German income tax declaration for expatriates

You are an expatriate from abroad and have no idea of how to handle the German „Einkomensteuererklärung“ (income tax declaration)? Rely on our individual declaration service. We promise to fight for your tax relief and get your tax obligations done, even if you left Germany already.


Please feel free to start an initial contact with our office, Mr. WP/StB Tilmann Klug is looking forward to helping you.